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How It Works

Remove the headache of collating customers data and stand out from the crowd at exhibitions!

Merchandise is still one of the most effective marketing options available - as let's face it who doesn't love a free gift! It is a powerful tool that can help keep you in customers minds at their time of need!

Which is why we have created a solution that allows you to provide potential customer with personalised gifts that will make a lasting impression, whilst collating valuable data.

Our simple 4-step process

Choose Your Promotional Merchandise

Choose Your Promotional Merchandise

Once you have selected the products that you wish to gift your customers, you will then work with our artwork team to brand your chosen items. We will also create your very own custom website, which showcases your chosen products.

We Gather Your Customers' Information

We Gather Your Customers' Information

On the day of your show/event, your customers/stand visitors can then visit your website, that we will create, using a unique URL or QR code. Here they can fill out the necessary information needed to receive their free gift.

Collation and Personalisation of Your Items

Collation and Personalisation of Your Items

At the end of the show/given period, LSi will collate all attendees information and individually personalise your chosen merchandise, which will help you make a lasting impression.

We Will Despatch Straight To Your Customers

We Will Despatch Straight To Your Customers

Once your merchandise is packed to your specifications, we will then despatch your custom branded gift pack to the personal delivery addresses for everyone who is on your mailing list in express time.

Example Packs

Box contains a bottle of champagne
Box contains a shirt powerbank, wallet and pen
Box contains a phone case, powerbank, 3 in 1 cable and earphones
Box contains a notebook, earphones, pen and powerbank
Box contains a notebook and pen
Box contains cuboid powerbank

About Us

Here at Event Gift, a division of LSi, we have over 25 years' experience of going above and beyond to create, source, and print promotional merchandise that will help you make an impression! With the UK currently getting used to a 'new normal', we have used these years of experience to ensure you can still utilise one of the most effective marketing options available.

When exhibiting at a show or event, merchandise is a sure way to get you noticed, whilst standing out from the crowd, and enticing people onto your stand! But with the new government guidance stating that giveaways will not be permitted at exhibitions, how do you stay prominent in your visitor's mind?

Here at Event Gift, we have come up with the perfect solution, that can make an even bigger impression than giving away merchandise on the day! Our method allows all your visitor's data to be collated and then your chosen gifts individually personalised their name, creating a truly unique and memorable gift! These will then be sent out to customers individual addresses soon after the show. To find out more about how we do this please visit our 'How It Works' section.

To find out more about Event Gift and the service we offer please visit our contact us section.

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Key Features

Demo Screenshot
  • Your own site at https://companyname.eventgift.co.uk.
  • Themed with your company logo and colours.
  • We can configure your site to have a selection of products to choose from with you controlling how many they can pick, or you can add a single product or pack.
  • Add your own text to the site to greet your visitors and thank them for submitting their details.
  • Collect the information you want to collect by letting us know which form fields you want.
  • A QR code will be created for your visitors to scan to quickly get to your Event Gift site.
  • Close the site when your event has finished to stop requests when your event is over.
  • Receive all your data in Excel format.

Try our demo sites

We have two demo sites, each set up with a different colour scheme and logo for you to see some example customisation options.

The first demo site also show the areas in which you can add your own text, if you wish to.

The sites have different configurations; one to allow multiple items to be chosen with personalisation, one for a set pack.

Click or scan a QR code to visit.

Event Gift Demo
Event Gift Demo

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